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I thought it was just really slow and drawn-out, nothing was really moving very much, voices, though not terrible, were very bland, visuals were nothing to really look at and there wasn't really anything interesting, clever or unique about it overall.

I just found everything about it really choppy and awkward, wasn't clever at all either.

A bit repetetive, but also very well-done. The style and animation worked well together, and the camera movement and effects were top-notch. Also, the song is hilarious.

I liked how the key-posing was unpredictable and quite dynamic, and the animation was sometimes decent, but all-in-all the whole thing was just overly-obnoxious and forced, I didn't find anything funny about it and it didn't seem like any of the jokes came up naturally whatsoever. It seemed more like "hey, people must think this joke is funny, so I'll just jam it into the script randomly right here!" There's too many people doing that now.

sweetcommando responds:

I know, i know, i need to work on my writing. But its really hard to do that since im mostly focusing on the animation stage. But thanks for the feedback anyway.
Love your work by the way!

Some of the animation was pretty smooth, but for the most part I just found the movements awkward and the video very repetitive.

RetroSleep responds:

If you wouldn't mind, could you tell me what was smooth and what was akward? I made the video so the entire thing looks the same to me unless its specifically pointed out, I would like to improve so I do want to hear what you have to say, and repetitive? It's def not the same animation with different outfits its all unique! lol

Yeah, that's basically how female character-design works in the industry.

Overall I loved the video, audio was nice and though the visuals were a bit messy, they added to the style. Entertaining to watch, and best of all, it was to-the-point. Nicely done, very unique.

Well, all I can say is that this whole Game Grumps 3D thing got pretty tiring for me after the second video. They're decently-animated for 3D graphics, but in the end, they're still nothing more than Game Grumps animations that already plague the internet. Please make your videos on different topics, like that Grand Theft Auto thing you just made, AT LEAST do stuff like that instead.

This is pretty much like the best thing ever, quite honestly.

Animation's very good, there's not like a gazillion frames in it, no, but the placement of the movements is done extremely well. Voice acting is good and funny to listen to, colors are nice, overall visuals are fun to look at, and the ending punchline just tops it all off so bizarrely and so perfectly.

One of my favorite animations on here ever.

Clean. detailed animation, but it was very stiff and not very interesting to look at. Though it's not really a big deal since the video was very short and revolved around one little joke. Which by the way wasn't funny.

redminus responds:

oh shit you got me

This really wasn't very good.

First of, the visuals. The animation is still pretty shoddy, and I really don't care about how "clean" and "cute" the drawings look (which seem to sucker everyone into these videos). It was mainly all just tweens, and not even good ones. The characters just slightly bounced or stretched a bit when they were supposed to be moving. In fact, I don't even find the characters all that cute-looking anyway, there were so many features on them that just looked out-of-place, in lots of shots their arms were all fat and gobby-looking. It really lacked consistency, which in this style of art that I see everywhere, is completely necessary.

I get the whole point of the video, it's basically making fun of how free-to-play games aren't actually free because you end up spending a bunch of money on them, and in many cases people take it the point of just paying and not really even playing the game anymore. I get it, but it's been done before, and this video really didn't bring anything new to the topic. Not only that, but it was extremely drawn-out. Like, a lot. I wanted to skip through most of it, it was just really boring and took so long to make it's point (which again, has already been done). It really just wasn't funny or clever at all to me.

The voice-acting was fine, but really nothing special. I think it lacked quality control over the actors and their equipment. Not a huge deal, though.

In my mind, these videos are really just proof that if you have that cute "style" and have clean lines, people will be drawn in and praise them for being "professional", which I can't stand reading in some of the comments. They really just lack good, solid animation to me. Who knows, maybe I'm crazy, but quite honestly I don't find boring, unfunny slideshows very entertaining to watch.

Also the girls' boobs in these videos are always floating up against their necks. Work on that.

Overall I found it to be a very drawn-out, not-so-impressive animation on a topic that has already been done numerous times. But hey, who am I to judge? You have countless amounts of followers allover the internet, so I guess nothing I'm saying really matters. If people like bad content, I'll leave them alone. Keep on doing what you're doing, I guess.

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