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I liked the animation, and the music in the back brought back so many memories (though the 11 AM rendition was always my least favorite). Colors were pretty nice, voice-acting was about halfway good, not the best, but nothing terrible, either.

Sadly though I didn't really find this funny, but I enjoyed it nonetheless because of the animation, it was moving a bunch, it kept me interested.

But one little thing, don't use memes, that last part... they're not good, it will make even a clever, original writer seem uncreative. It ruined a lot of it for me, but the rest was pretty good.

I really don't like furries... I really, really don't... but, this had some really nice animation, it looked naturally-brushed and had a nice pace to it, nice singing as well. Colors were nice and soft, good job.

I remember seeing this a while ago on YouTube, still just as funny. Animation isn't really my style, but it's executed and done correctly, it's extremely smooth and clean. The characters' facial expressions are hilarious as well. Well-done as always!

Pretty nice. As for animation, I liked some of the frame-by-frame you did. Overall it wasn't really my thing, but it wasn't bad, either. Positioning of the characters was good, as well as the coloring.

For voices, I guess it was just the microphone's quality, but when the characters talked, it sounded completely out-of-place with the cartoon, I can't really describe it. The acting itself was decent, though, not too many complaints I have with it.

For humor, it was alright, that one part when I saw Charmelion dead on the ground made me chuckle inside a little bit, but other than that, it was kinda flat for me. The very ending part saved most of it, though.

Overall, nothing too bad, but wasn't personally my thing. That's just me. If you want an idea of what to make next, I would say make something original, I would really like seeing more original work around here...

TerminalMontage responds:

Thanks! I do have original ideas, but I'm not too confident in my own animating just yet to do them.

Well, that was pretty interesting!

I'm usually not the biggest fan of parodies, but the animation was incredible. It was simple, cleanly-drawn, and nicely-colored. Had a very appealing frame-rate and overall look to it. I especially loved the backgrounds though, they looked REALLY nice. Audio choice could've been better, but it wasn't a big deal.

My only issue with this is that it had a very short running-time, I was so disappointed to see it end so fast. But overall it had some great animation while it lasted.

Nice job.

I don't usually like leaving indifferent/negative reviews on popular artists' cartoons, because I know everyone is going to unconditionally hate me for it and I'm going to get ridiculed simply because I have different opinions than the majority of the viewers, but I might as well share what I personally think of this anyway... here goes...

Well as for animation, yes, it's very simple, somewhat smooth. Line-work is pretty rough, and as for coloring, yeah, it's a white background, but even on the characters, nothing really pops out, I don't find it very fun to look at. There's very little movement though, cartoons should have lots of things moving and blowing up in your face, not slow-paced dialogue scenes with their arms moving occasionally. With this simple style you have here, I would expect a lot more movement... it looks incredibly easy to pull off.

The one thing that usually saves your cartoons for me though is the writing and humor, but this one specifically just didn't do it for me. I don't know, it was just very slow-moving, drawn-out, and the very base of whatever joke there was wasn't really funny to me.

Bottom-line, I don't like watching a couple of people just having a conversation and not really doing much else at all, except for the rare occasion when the dialogue is actually laugh-out-loud funny.

I like most of your sense of humor, and this review is in no way supposed to be hateful, but I think you should take more time in your cartoons and breathe in some more life into them, because that's what animation is about: giving life to drawings. To create life. They should be fun to look at as well as to listen to. Besides, you upload fairly often, every few weeks, I think you should go quality-over-quantity. But that's just me. Do whatever.

LazyMuffin responds:

Regarding the animation - I completely disagree about animation NEEDING to have "lots of things moving and blowing up in your face", it's not my type of animation. I agree that the animation is very limited, but it's the theme of the series, it's just a regular conversation for the most part. It being a theme is not an excuse, but may help you understand why there are no explosions. This series is also built for me to animate quickly, it's true.

About the writing, I understand if you didn't find it funny, but your point of it being very slow is flawed considering it's two pages worth of dialogue in less than a minute and a half.

Wait, you laughed out loud? I didn't expect that, I SAY YOU LIKED IT!

Regarding your last statement, I just disagree. I use flash as a tool to bring my writing to life. My writing is not Disney material, it's usually people talking along with a hopefully amusing premise. I upload fairly often since this is my job, not to say I force material out. I honestly do the animations I want to.

Thanks for the comment!

Pretty nice, lots of parts had some good, fluent animation, but others were somewhat stiff. Aside from its short running-time... it was done on paper... and that alone is a pretty big accomplishment, and pretty much saves everything, so I have to give this a decent rating anyhow.

Nice job!

Horsenwelles responds:

alot of the stiffness was because of the compression and the sadly not very good screen capture software. in retrospect i should've made it into a gif and used that, but i'm not sure how well it would have exported.

Yeeeey you made an actual video for these guys!! I saw the trailer thing before, and I thought that was all it was going to be, but no, you actually made a finished cartoon of them! And I loved it.

Though I agree with a lot of the stuff that FightingSeraph said, I still thought it was incredible. I mean obviously it's the visuals, EXTREMELY well-animated, VERY nicely-drawn backgrounds, neat design, music, and so forth. Yes, humor was kinda dead-pan and predictable most of the time, but I was in so much awe from the visuals that I didn't really care. It's something worth noting for a future video, though...

Aside from that, the voice-acting was good except for a few characters, they sounded pretty similar most of the time. But for one person doing all the voices, it really isn't bad at all.

Going more in-depth for the animation, it had an extremely nice frame-rate as well as planning. Line-work was extremely clean, but at the same time it looked very natural and not so line-tooled and cookie-cutter-shaped like a generic anime. Coloring was magnificent, I liked the shining and shading a lot, it didn't look like basic color fills.

So overall, it was executed extremely well, aside from its script which I thought was kinda bland and predictable. But look, its execution... I mean it's literally some of the best animation I've ever seen in any Flash movie ever, period. This is movie-quality. Not just TV-quality, FILM-quality. I think it's more than enough to compensate for it.

You two have a gift.

Oh my goodness... that... that animation...

Man, this is SPECTACULAR, and though I'm not really fond of the "motion-tween-for-each-body-part" style of animation, you did it so perfectly that I didn't even mind anymore. The way the characters moved, it seemed so right, it made sense, it was fluent, nothing was off or done incorrectly.

Everything's so cleanly drawn as well. The backgrounds are great, and the colors all blend together nicely. The visuals are simply professional.

But other than that, the action is well-planned and executed good. It's also funny... the funny parts ARE ACTUALLY FUNNY... THAT'S what I look for in a comedy.

Also, the character... I like him. I LIKE him. I think he's funny, cool, and can just totally obliterate anyone he feels like whenever he wants. A lot of people tend to look at the technical aspects of cartoons and completely surpass what's appealing in the content itself. I think he's a great character who's fun to watch, and you want him to win, even though he's totally just killing all these people without a really fantastic reason... THAT'S pretty tough to accomplish in creating a character.

Oh yeah, audio had really nice quality as well. Sorta overlooked that since the visuals and everything were blowing me away.

So... overall... magnificent. I really like this guy and his show. Marvelous job, I really wanna see where this series goes now...

I kinda liked it, but didn't really think it was anything too spectacular. I like your art and acting, but it just wasn't my kinda style of animation... not a fan of the motion-tweeny stuff... but you did it right for that style, at least. As for humor, it didn't exactly do it for me, BUT, it's not really anything bad, I'm sure a lot of people find it funny. Nice job, anyways!

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