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Outstanding frame-by-frame, nice natural line-work, great colors, great voice-acting, pretty cool battle scenes, outstanding music, breathtaking backgrounds, and the writing I feel has gotten much better. Terrific as always, really leaves you at a nice cliffhanger.

I've never actually been a graphic designer, but doing art commissions, I'm sure I've gone through some of the crap you guys go through... the client constantly changing their mind and asking for multiple versions or completely different ideas and not even knowing exactly what they want in the first place, being so incredibly specific that virtually everything you draw up is incorrect to what they're looking for, and above all, no matter what the quality of what you created is, they will always think they are paying way too much for it.

You captured that very well in this video.

As for the visuals, I really like how every image almost looks like it's a painting, it's neat. The colors seem as if they're traditionally done which gives it a natural look. It's very unique and overall awesome, nice work as always, Gerkindude!

Gerkinman responds:

Ha ha, thanks mate. I think the themes of this short can be applied to countless different areas of client artist negotiations. Thanks for your help on the film, it wouldn't have been possible without it.

The random, unpredictable movements and voices were hilarious, the fighting was neat and funny to watch, and all that throwing up... well, I think it could have gone without that, but other than that it was great. Nice work, looking forward to more from you.

I don't know what took me so long to review this, but here goes...

First off, lemme just say that this is pretty much one of my favorite cartoons ever, period. The animation is so fluent and unique-looking, and yes it is rotoscope, but that takes a LOT of patience. All of the coordinating in the battle scenes were extremely well-done and flowed together flawlessly. It was so entertaining to watch the whole way through. The expressions and the lines the characters had, hilarious. And to top it all off... a decent running-time.

This was extremely entertaining on all levels. Not only that, but it was actually UNIQUE, it was something DIFFERENT. And I say it is awesome. Marvelous work, it's rare I actually see something that wows me this much.

kalabor106 responds:

Wow, thanks man.

Very good, as usual, I liked the script and the fact that the characters' lines seemed to naturally flow together rather than feeling forced like most others seem to write their scripts. The bits of music in the back were nice, I liked how they played almost as a role of ambiance as the characters were talking. The animation is always getting better, the frame-by-frame is very smooth and consistent. But the one problem I see is that I think it requires some easing. Like at the end of the animation segment, you should "slow it down", as in the last frame or so should be a slower transition to the ending frame. That would make it look pretty much perfect I think. At some point I felt it could be a LITTLE bit more faster-paced, but overall I liked it and as always I like how the series is constantly and gradually improving. Keep it up!

MistyEntertainment responds:

Thanks man, it really means a lot coming from you.

Overall I really liked it, I loved the traditional artwork, coloring, animation and character designs, and I think the voice acting worked for the style as well. At some parts it seemed to move a little slow for me but there were also some winning parts as well, and in the end it was worth watching. Very unique, nice job.

Oooh my gosh, wow... I haven't seen anything that made me laugh so hard in a long time. Visuals were executed very well, I liked the rougher, more traditional-looking line-work going here, as well as the masked patterns used in some of the colors fills, very nice exotic touch, it all looked very unique. Animation flowed nicely as well, I'd love to see more stuff from you, well-done.

I was surprised, that was actually pretty good ha ha. Animation was super smooth and fluent, clean work, I loved it. Nice job.

The first time I've ever voiced a square!

First let me say that I liked the art-style. It was natural-looking. I liked how the backgrounds had this sort of texture, while the coloring on the characters was soft and blended together nicely. It all looked very unique, it was something different and seemed like a breathe of fresh air to me.

Your timing is pretty good too, I think it was a little fast at some parts but overall it was well-paced and not boring or drawn-out by any means. I like how it all seems like it's going to build up to something, and then it all abruptly ends at a horrific twist. Fun to watch!

I enjoyed it, certainly something different, quick, and simply flat-out funny. Nice job!

Gerkinman responds:

Thanks maaaaan! I look forward to working with you again in the future ;)

Ha ha, that was actually pretty funny. I loved the disoriented music and drawings, really set the theme up. I found the pacing to actually be pretty well-done, the video never really dragged or stalled, it had good flow to it and actually made me chuckle quite a bit. I think the only real problem was the fact that it ended sort of abruptly for me, I was expecting and hoping for it to go on for at least just a little longer, I thought a lot more jokes and discombobulated images could have showed up and it would've worked well. But overall for what it was, I, strangely, enjoyed it. Nice work.

ShigDiggity responds:

Yeah, I realized that I could have probably extended it a bit further, but honestly I didn't even expect it to be this long. The flash was supposed to end when the song ended actually, but I couldn't find a fitting ending without extending it.

Thanks for the review I'm glad you enjoyed it!

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