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Ha ha I thought it was very cute. Animation was smooth but also a little stiff, for your next animations I'd advise you to create more flow in the movements. I liked the change in lyrics though, it sounded very good. Overall it was nice, good job.

Clean animation, good voice acting, funny little joke. Definitely RicePirate!

I was never a huge fan of sprite movies, but I have to say, this one was done right. The writing's good, clever and funny, acting's nice, and the addition of TomFulp, well, all the better! Nice video, made me laugh.

Saminat responds:

That's the best thing I can hear, that the writing was good! Thanks buddy, we need to work together again!

Simply amazing as always, great line-work and creamy colors, fluent animation, good voice acting, everything you want in a video. Was hilarious all the way through, this is better quality than stuff I see on TV, honestly. Yeah it's not as clean as far as the line-work goes, but it looks more natural and just WAY more fun to watch. Very nice!

lol your drawings are amazing.

I love Calvin & Hobbes, it was my favorite comic when I was a kid! You made a very nice, simplistic, clean animation that matched the overall style of the comic, I liked it. Nice job.

Yep, that's pretty much exactly how most people think.

I thought the visuals were okay, it's very colorful and bold, and yes, I don't like motion-tweeny animation but that's not really a reason to give it a negative review because that's just me, I understand some people just like to animate that way. It was the few frame-by-frame parts that seemed very disjointed and lacked flow, though.

As for the joke, I mean it was sorta just a guy flipping out because he thought a soap opera was sad. I dunno that just didn't do it for me lol. But when he was screaming and crying and stuff, the voice acting and quality was good.

The style is pretty basic and cute-looking though, and at least it's not another video game parody. I think you should focus on just making some more original jokes is all.

Jaltoid responds:

Tweening is just something we do, Its part of the style. I realize its not everyone's cup of tea, but we try to make it as intricate as possible.

Also we'll be sure to work on our writing! :)
We're still kinda finding our place as far as writing style goes. We still have a few kinks to work out. Overall our current videos are warmups for much bigger projects we have planned!

Very nice, your colors are neat n' clean, smooth animation, very unique typa style animation you have going here, and I think it stands out compared to more of the standard ones you see these days. GOOD WORK, SON.

Though some parts seemed a bit disjointed, I have to say that it was very entertaining and pretty hilarious to watch, nice job overall.

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