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I really enjoyed it, I loved the traditional look it had, animation flowed extremely well, very nice job.

lol I loved all the expressions on the ghost, and that ear-rape scream at the end topped it all off. Good job.

Extremely funny, fast-paced, clean artwork, vibrant coloring, it's pretty much a perfect comedy, excellent work.

...why did this make me laugh?

Seriously though, the art's very detailed and I liked how the scenes and shots changed a lot, it made it interesting to watch. Though a lot of the characters are pretty disjointed and kinda screwed-up in the way they move, I can sense that that was what this video was going for. It's not supposed to perfect, it's supposed to be what it is: screwed-up.

Voice acting was funny too. All I can say that throughout the whole thing I was laughing at how strange and crazy this was, good job.

Hrm. Well I'll be blunt here. The quality of the animation and most of the acting I thought was very, very good. I especially love the lip-syncing, it's perfect, the words flow nicely with it, it's not mouth-flapping, it's not going allover the place, it's good. At some parts when the girl is fidgeting around and such, it looks 3D, I like it.

But aside from that I have a lot to say. I found the movement to be extremely limited, like, very tweeny. I'd like to think that cartoons should be having a lot going on, breaking out of boundaries and taking full advantage of the fact that you can do whatever you want with them. For what it was, though, it was well-animated.

Other than a technical standpoint, I wasn't in love with the writing. Not the worst I've seen, but it was very slow-moving, I didn't find it really funny, either. I felt that the timing was just off, it was very uninterested to me. That, combined with what I think to be limited animation, caused this video to turn out pretty boring for me. Also I wish the camera wasn't stuck in one fixed position the whole time, but then again it IS like, a news broadcast thing, so I can't really complain there.

So overall I found it very slow-moving, and though it had professional-looking animation, it was very limited in movement and overall not really enjoyable to watch. I wish it were faster-paced and more funny is all.

...yeah that pretty much sums it up.

For the quality of the video itself, I liked it. Again, I like your writing. The voice actor was really good, though I kinda wish he would do more different voices for the other characters other than the guy endorsing the product, but for THAT character, he did an awesome job and fit very well. Your animation is getting better, too. Though at some parts I felt that it should've been a bit faster-paced, I thought it was still good enough for what it was. So overall good job, certainly heading in the right direction.

And honestly, that one million dollars bit... I dunno what it was but I just laughed out loud right there, who knows why.

Okay, I don't normally leave reviews on stuff I'm in, but this video really deserves some attention.

First off, it was all extremely stylistic, unique, it had its own atmosphere. It was really something else, something different, something new, and VERY interesting at that.

The visuals were extremely crisp and smooth, very professional-looking, I could totally imagine animation like this in legit TV shows or perhaps even movies, it was really great. As for the backgrounds, they were just incredible, all the effects added to everything, just perfect, again, it's really something else. There's people out there that can make good backgrounds, but yours are just phenomenal, they're so realistic, and they seem to compliment the way you draw the characters. It all fits so well.

All the acting was great, but my favorite was the time lord, his voice was so menacing, it was awesome. Again, I could imagine acting like this in TV shows and such.

All-in-all, all of the quality is there in practically every aspect, it was very enjoyable, it was really great. Fantastic job, you're very talented!

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You know, I hate sprite movies, but... somehow, this worked.

deathink responds:

Thanks man!

The lesson here is don't smoke.

But all aside, acting was really good, I liked the visuals, everything was very basic and simple, very soft on the eyes, I'd say, really well done. Also, I have to say that I would use this as a PSA against smoking over any other, any day.

Excellent as always. Extremely clean line-work and coloring, accompanied by nice and fluent animation. Usually I see your videos have kind of stock and generic writing, but considering this one didn't have all that much dialogue and instead relied on more unpredictable moments and just hilarious visuals, it worked out very well. Seeing all those assassins' stern faces made me laugh.

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