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Should've reviewed this when, I don't know, it actually came out? But yes, it had me laughing the whole way through, the senseless fighting and smacking each other around was great. Trelis does it best. Nice job.

Colors, detail and expressions were great, and the joke got a laugh out of me. Nice work.

nevarky responds:

Thank you man!

Wow, lol dang man, you made this whole thing? This has got to be one of the longest finished animated videos on this site, and you did it very well. I think everyone did a good job with their voices and you made it really look and feel like an actual episode of the show. Nice job.

bocodamondo responds:

thanks buddy, i really appreciate it ^^

I really liked the animation style and sound design in this, was paced very well, too. Nice work!

Didn't ActiveObjectX already make this video?

I thought some parts were a bit funny, but for the most part I found it very slow and awkward. The voices kinda ruined it for me.

This was just perfect, man. The way you made the visuals turn out, the audio (both the acting and the filter you put over it), the pacing, it REALLY seemed like an 80's Saturday-morning cartoon trailer. Perfectly done.

I liked it, I liked how the characters kept moving and fidgeting around, really kept the eyes interested. The facial expressions were great, and the simplicity of both the premise and style of the visuals reflected the animation very well as a whole. Short, sweet, hilarious and worth-watching.

I loved it the more it progressed. All the expressions on the organs, the fast-pace, the rhythm, it was great. Very clean and smooth.

I thought it was just really slow and drawn-out, nothing was really moving very much, voices, though not terrible, were very bland, visuals were nothing to really look at and there wasn't really anything interesting, clever or unique about it overall.

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