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Ha that was great, the battle scene was super cool and the camera movement was very well done. I especially laughed at the way Sonic was angrily storming off after he threw all the animals into the rocket for some reason.

kalabor106 responds:

Heheh It was me drawing a poor version of some walk cycle. And me not caring to much thought well that looks good enough. Glad you found it funny xD

Awesome Madness as always. This is very interesting to me because, although it's obviously even more abstract than the usual vids, I feel like--to an extent, at least--it's canon to the story. I'm assuming it takes place in Hell? What exactly are the chains? But what really makes it tie together for me is the fact that at the end, not only does it look like they're outside the bakery from Madness Avenger, but was that Hank who fell down there that Deimos inspected? That's how he looked during the third Madness Combat... the puzzle continues...

Either way, awesome, can't wait to see more as always! :)

I have to say, your quality of work is really amazing. Regardless of the fact that, yeah, they're stick figures, I could genuinely imagine seeing something like this on national TV; the way the animation eases and flows, all of the attention put into the characters' gestures they make and how they match up with what the say, the way the camera assists in telling the story, there's just so much to look at and you can watch it multiple times and catch something new each viewing. Other than the animation itself, the audio is stellar and the voice acting goes great with all of that well-written dialogue. But on top of it all, I love the WTF/original sense of humor you have in these, and the action scenes are like those really well-made stick animations from back in the day. I'm glad to be a part of these in at least some way and I can't wait to see what you come up with next! Keep it up, sir! :)

This was great, Mario bending Sonic's middle finger backwards and then Mario chasing after that koopa towards the end made me laugh the hardest. Fantastic work to everyone who was included! : )

kalabor106 responds:

Thanks man!

For some reason I laughed really hard when the walrus guy got stabbed, lol, anyway, very colorful and fun to watch, great work as usual, good sir!

kalabor106 responds:

Thanks man.

This had me laughing pretty hard, very good audio design, good pacing, constantly kept my interest and never slowed down. Nice work.

HadenDA responds:

Thanks a lot! All I want is to entertain others, including those whom I work with, so knowing all of that makes very happy. And another thanks to you for your involvement.

This was literally one of the best animated things I've ever seen. The way it flowed, all the choreography, the audio... it really took a serious, dramatic take on the fight against Mettaton EX. There's so much more I loved about this, but I just can't explain it; it'd be an incredibly long review. Amazing work, I want to make stuff like this one day.

And you've done it once again. I've said this before, but you really do a fantastic job of keeping true to the original feel of DBZ.

That was... wow, uh... well that was pretty good, I can tell ya that much. Just like the Family Guy / The Simpsons video, I'm surprised at how close some of the characters' voices are to the originals, lol.

This made me laugh so hard, it started out as this semi-demented-looking Family Guy parody and then it just completely spiraled out of control into this whirlwind of insane battle scenes and hilariously disturbing faces. My hat goes off to you creators, nice work.


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